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Decker Design is a small print and digital boutique design agency based right across from the Flatiron Building in midtown Manhattan. Founded and directed by branding veteran Lynda Decker (AIGA committee co-chair), Decker Design has worked with internationally-recognized corporations and foundations for a little over 20 years.

I am brought in to focus on the digital implementation of wider branding and print campaigns, outlining web strategy and designing websites, microsites, and web interactives. Working under Creative Director Lynda Decker and Sr. Designer Susanne Adriane, I present prototypes directly to clients, using interaction and animation software to ensure all their needs are met before working closely with the development team to bring pixel-perfect mockups to life.

CASE STUDY — Schiffer Hicks Johnson, PLLC

Houston-based law firm SHJ came to Decker after seeing websites we designed for other innovative litigation firms, and commissioned us to craft a new digital identity.


Much of SHJ’s work is within the energy and construction industries, so we built a discovery deck that — instead of just looking at other law firms — also included website precedents from high-profile potential clients. This positioning strategy ensures that their website stands out from their competition and speaks the same visual language as their tech-savvy engineering minded clients.

After creating a sitemap and prototyping wireframes, I iterated on four distinct visual treatments. We wanted to make sure the core strategy was upheld for each direction: the site should feel future-forward, pragmatic, clean, tactile, and architectural. Ultimately, the client voted internally and landed upon the minimal photography-centric direction A.


I used Adobe XD to hone interactions and design out pixel-perfect modules for desktop, tablet, and mobile across dozens of artboards. Decker created a full new identity logo system, which I incorporated into the various use cases on the site. We coordinated with photographer John Madere and the writing team at Deborah Gaines Associates to incorporate the final content into the chosen design and to layout the entire 12 template site.

After handing off the exported assets and final design specs to our dev team Manyfold, we stayed in constant contact during revision rounds of the alpha and beta phases, helping to test across devices and iron out any problems that arose and ensure the interaction was behaving how we envisioned.


The launch went a smooth as the lacquer on a gavel, and now Schiffer Hicks Johnson is hitting the ground running with their new online home at If you ask me, they look like the sharpest and sauviest litigation firm in the city of Houston.

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