Plant App

Design of an iOS and Android Mobile App /
Designer, Art Direction, 3D Artist

2016 /


Ever wish you could remember the species name of that succulent on your window sill? When was the last time you watered that little guy? Was it last week, or the week before last? Plant App (codename) is an forthcoming smartphone utility app designed for indoor plant owners who want to have a pleasing and simple augmented reality experience, that also helps keep their plants healthy.

Plant App combines sharp user-experience design with an energized art direction to create an app that is laser-pointer simple, breezily intuitive, and a joy to use. Inspired by games like Neko Atsume and Pokémon Go, Plant App uses the fun parts of gamification, while cutting out anything that would waste your precious plant time. You've got like a hundred of succulents in your apartment to take care of, after all. But is there a zenned-out ambient soundtrack to listen to while you are watering your plants? Duh. More info coming soon!

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